How do we enter the car giveaways?
Any purchase from LMCT+ whether it be the one week trial, monthly or yearly packages instantly put you into the draw to win the next giveaway.

If you have an active Monthly or Yearly package, you will go into the draw instantly for each giveaway. The number of entries to each draw depends on your package.
How many entries do I get for the giveaway?
Entries to the giveaway are as follows: One week trial: x1 Entry for one giveaway
Monthly Membership: x5 Entries per giveaway
Yearly Membership: x50 Entries per giveaway

(Members account must be active)
Do I need to be at the event to win the car?
No you don’t need to be at the event to win the car.

All giveaways will be broadcasted live via social media so everyone not present can watch the car be drawn.
Does LMCT+ cover transport of the car?
LMCT+ will transport giveaway cars Australia wide for free. Auction cars however will need to be organised and paid for by the purchaser.
How does LMCT+ Search feature work?
LMCT+ uses extensive algorithms and servers to calculate profit margins using up to date market values. We’ve teamed up with many sources to help not only promote their listings but also help you guys find the best deals online. No person or team of people will be able to challenge the capabilities of LMCT+.
Do we purchase cars from LMCT+
No, LMCT+ is strictly a guide to find the best deals out there. By clicking on the listing you will be re-directed straight to the source to complete your purchase.